November 22, 2023#

Call for proposals for the Dataverse Community Meeting 2024 Join the Dataverse Project and @CIMMYT for the 10th annual Dataverse Community Meeting.

Proposals are due by December 15, 2023. See our community meeting website for more information.

September 5, 2023#

The Dataverse Sustainability Working Group is Launched! The Dataverse community is growing rapidly. Earlier this year, installation no. 100 was added to the “official” list of Dataverse Installations Around the World. The Dataverse software is chosen by an increasing number of organizations across the globe as the technical backbone of their Trusted Digital Repository for research data.

The Global Dataverse Community Consortium (GDCC) recognized that with this growth and popularity comes the responsibility of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the software and the community. That’s why we have initiated the Dataverse Sustainability Working Group (WG). The WG had its kick-off meeting on September 5, where the WG Charter was approved and Dieuwertje Bloemen from KU Leuven (Belgia) and Rene Belsø from DeiC (Denmark) were elected as WG Chairs. They will also serve as the points of contact for the WG.

The mission of the working group is to provide evidence-based, community-reviewed, and consensus-based recommendations on how to empower the global Dataverse community to sustain the Dataverse software and the strength of the Dataverse community.

The working group will map out the needs and challenges of the community. Based on this mapping, the WG will deliver recommendations in the form of a report(s), addressing the following issues:

  • Mission and vision: What purpose should the community have? What should the community envision to achieve in the next 5-10 years?

  • Strategic objectives: What objectives should the community have to carry out its mission and to achieve its vision?

  • Means and resources: What means and resources should the community use to achieve its strategic objectives?

  • Implementation: What plan and roadmap should the community have to achieve its objectives?

Expected timeline:

  • August 2023: Working Group established

  • September 2023: First meeting

  • February 2023: Status report to the GDCC Steering Committee

  • March 2024: Working Group presents options and scenarios to the community at the Dataverse Community Meeting 2024

  • June 2024: Final report with recommendations to the GDCC Steering Committee

For more details and information on the working group, please reach out to the co-chairs Dieuwertje Bloemen ( and Rene Belso (